Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ho ho hooo

Today we went to Tverskaya Street for a lovely Oreo Madness (an ice cream desert with oreos crust, oh mummie it's yummy...) on TGI Fridays. To burn the very enjoyable but unneccessary energy, we decided to go for a walk around Tverskaya and accidentally found the sweetest gift shop in a small street.

There were lots of fun stuff, keyboard cushions, various stickers, funny vodka shot gifts, earrings, cups and my all time favorite: notebooks with old book covers. Here's one that I bought for myself. The cover is Nietszche's "Beyond Good and Evil": 

I also bought the notebook below for a friend and the funny doorknob sign for another.

I'm too lazy to write down the address but here is their card:

You know McDonalds across Kamergenski right, when you are walking from Mayakovskaya towards Kremlin,  it's the street on your right just before that McDonalds. Ah, I stink at this, why do I bother, just look it up on google maps...

ah, and we also saw this star wars white clone trooper dancing on Tverskaya, we didn't quite understand why...


  1. Zeynuskam you should definetely take me to this shop when I visit you. note this :) love u bocuum. I was working till midnight, I should definately go to sleep now. say hello to hakan. kisses...

  2. Great tip just before the New Year Shopping! Still waiting for the post that we have discussed on weekend:)

  3. Was that trooper being filmed? It must be a global web site project by an asian guy. He is dancing with this suit on in every hip place and then posting it on his site.


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