Sunday, March 7, 2010

skiing in moscow

There are 3 good options for skiing in Moscow:

First one is Sorochany ( )

The slopes are mostly short but there are 10 lifts I think, so you won't get bored or very crowded. The longest slope is 850 m (lift no 8). The only problem would be, if it is extraordinarily cold that day, you would actually freeze on that lift since it is relatively slow.

Yesterday we went skiing in Shukolovo ( )

I liked it better. It's hard to say that slopes are better but the place in general is nicer. They have about 11 slopes, the longest being 600 m. However there were less people, so somehow it was more satisfying skii&lift wait-loop-wise. Plus it is not far from Sorochany, they are practically the same distance from the center.

Café in the entrance was more civilized then Sorochany. We had soup and french fries before we head back.

Plus the lifts are much cheaper. There are different tariffes of course but in general the price for one lift in Sorochany is 100 rubles, in Shukolovo it's 50 rubles.

The third option is Volen ( )

I haven't been there yet but Asko says it's more chic than the other two. However the slopes are shorter than the other two.

It's -12 now, with no snow :(

Let's just hope that skiing season lasts a little bit longer !

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  1. "says it's more chic than the other two" reminds me the ski slope at a dubai mall :))


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