Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm back baby!

After a very productive month in Istanbul, I am back on business in my favorite cold city.

The biggest news is of course my website. I put some illustration and 3D stuff in it. I like the homepage and my signature fading in (wasn't my idea, clearly. I am the "woaw" client). However, I am not crazy about wall design or sketching part. Those parts are work in progress. An-nyway, check it out:

I have an I pod touch now. I love it. I am officially an I pod touch promoter from now on...I pod touch versus I phone..Listen, I phone is too stressful to carry. Will it be stolen, would I drop it and break it, will I forget it somewhere...I wanna sleep you know. Plus you don't have to worry about excess radioaction while playing braintuner or watching an episode of the Office on I pod touch. Oh my god, did you see 6th season part 2. I think it was one of the best. Micheal consulting Oscar about his colonoscopy the next day, asking if Oscar would tell him what to do, you know because Oscar would know because he is gay. Not even close to Ricky Gervais version but Steve Carell is hilarious.

Where was I before I got distracted like a giant cat. Ah, I pod touch. I want to add the economical situation here. Y'all have telephones. You don't need an I phone to start with. It costs 3 times what I pod touch costs. I pod touch is I phone without dialling. You can skype and text on I pod touch too. Touch can also have wireless, Safari and all that shit. Don't you miss the day when you can forget your phone in your friend's house and you can take it 2 days later without any sweat. I phones are addictive. You become those zombies where you carry your phone from room to room. You can't keep up with a conversation, because whatever the subject would be, you would find a way to google your way with your slightly tilted down head and invisible finger-typing. I pod touch is still naive, because it is primarily an ipod. You can leave it at home.

Enough with i pod promotion. But have you seen i pad...Anyway, people will start to think as if I work for apple. I dont. I'm just a happy user.

What else, what else. I saw the Avatar movie. Did you know that it's been watched more than Titanic. Was there an american hero on Titanic like toruk macto? Hmm...

I also saw "whatever works". I loved the combo, Larry David and Woody Allen. You can't get more jewish than that. Ah, maybe when Woody Allen would have Sascha Baron Cohen in one of his films. You know what, I think he def-finitely should. Sascha is witty, funny and cynical as well. He is the young Woody Allen except the beautiful british accent, good looks and of course the height. Altough Sascha's style is disturbingly different, I shouldn't even make this comparison, but I think he is a good candidate to jewish comedian throne.

I am a promotional wizard today, don't you think. What else did you expect, I come to a clean home, my cat is finally un-stressed (you know the horror of the flight and all) and I am so happy and energetic, I can type my fingers off for hours now. But I won't. Instead, I'm gonna go out with an excuse to buy some cat food and check out the new moscow trends (if tiger print coats or metallic nail polishes are back).

So much to tell, so much to do. I will catch up with some Moscow stuff soon. I just came in, give me a break.

see you next post


  1. I pod :)))
    welcome back :) Enjoy your newbie I pod :)

  2. valla ne diyim... ben 1 ay novosibirsk'de calismayan iphone la dolastim. ve inan miyacaksin Zeynep'cim arada evde bile unutuyorum. dedigin dogru, bagimlilik yapiyor ama alisana... alismiyanin cebinde bile zor duruyor :) hos geldiniz... ozlemistik!!! :)

  3. Cok mustesna bir insansiniz Can Evren Yarman:) sen saylanmazsin:)


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