Friday, February 12, 2010

ode to snow

I haven't gone out for four days now. Maybe even more. I will start to have that phobia, whatsitsname, the one that sigourney weaver had in copycat killer movie. The fear of leaving the house. I will continiue my evolution towards botanical substances. I may actually perform photosynthesis to survive. Maybe I will lose weight. If I don't mind the green, I will be supermodel thin. Hehe...I'm bored.

I've almost finished my freelance work, 3D chocolate modelling. Luckily I'm not a chocolate person.

I'm impatiently waiting to see Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. What's up with Johnny Depp's eyes, I'm curious.

I am a pro on I pod touch TH poker now. Texas holdem of course. Not a pro maybe. But getting there...

Alexander McQueen passed away. Most of the girls tweeted as if they have lost their uncles. I have to admit I don't know his designs. But I read that he was too young. Bummer...

Now we have google buzz thingy...I doubt that it would improve communication by any means. But what do I know, I was skeptic about twitter.

I want to create a poll of some sort. Who is cuter, Robert Downey Jr or ...boy I can't think of a competitor. Haha, no poll afterall :) But let me know if you can think of anyone who is cuter than he is...(we are looking for cute ladies and gentlemen...not hot...cute...)

The other day (I think it was a week ago) we went to see the British American poster exhibition on Pushkin Museum of Fine arts. The posters were amazing and all but at the end of the hall, started a shitload of french paintings. I still cannot understand how I missed that part. I visited the museum at least 3 times but always the main gallery. This part had Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gaugin, Miro, Kandinsky, Chagall, Monet, Renoir and countless other artists. This is what John Locke must've feel like when he found the hatch, I thought. (oh, have you seen the first two episodes of the sixth season...I wouldn't be surprised if they find yet another tribe living in the island. How big is this island anyhow? is jacob a prophet? next time on lost) Anyway the trip to Pushkin MOFA was absolutely a wonderful surprise. And the surprise element in Moscow continiues...

Have you notice that this year the snow haven't shut the f%*&! up yet. I guess it has something more to say to the audience. I am so fed up with it. I miss the sunshine. The first time I see a clear blue sky I will definitely sing "sun is shining, the weather is clear/ want you to know, I'm a rainbow too" in my head.

By the way does anyone know a good comic book drawing programme with all the applications for frames and speech baloons for Mac. Let me know.

Oh did I save the best for last or what: check out Pavel Ruminov's videos if you are hungry for inspiration:

That's all for now.
Take care and come to water me from time to time

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