Thursday, March 17, 2011

oh dear God, it's been a year

..almost a year let's say. I've been neglecting my duties even for a lazy blogger, I admit. Maybe I didn't have much to say or maybe I didn't have the urge to share it, but I'm back.

I would love to share some Moscow insights with you, however I'm under house arrest for some beautiful reasons, I couldn't explore the city as much as I used to.

But I'm nice enough to write some tips for those who actually can explore the city:

-If you still haven't been to Art Academia in Bresenevskaya Naberejnaya, 6, bld.3; go there, now! It's one of the best options to have a after-work drink but also it's one of my favorite places to dine; nice atmosphere, lovely new factory-redesign neighbourhood and Academia food with Academia prices. Nice...

-Have you been to More Vnutri (the Sea Inside)? You should see how lovely this place is in the summer. It's a small cafe with white and pastel colored interior with many seaside elements around. You actually could hear the sound of waves around in this sea-less city. Check out the website: It's very close to metro station Aleksandrovski Sad. And check out these pics we took last october, I think (wow, it's been a while):

- What else what else...Ah the Zorro Musical. It was a first but we really enjoyed the "action" in a musical. I have to admit we kindo wished for an accident, not because we are bad people, nono, but because it kind of is the reality of theater, don't you think. There were a lot of action scenes where Zorro was flying around the theater with a rope and stuff. And you could see how convenient is the mask, because there were stunts and you think the talented actor with the great voice would jump up and down like that...haha, I had my binoculars on! (I did! and later on I bought a pair for myself, white metal with the chain and everything- oh I love my new binocles)

-For our anniversary we went to СЫР (cheese) Restaurant on Sadovaya kaltso. It is one of Novikov restaurants. After Cantinetta Antinori I was a little suspicious, but I tell you, the food was excellent! Every single dish we had was seriously delicious. Plus the ambiance is kindo cool, they put copper pots on every empty seat, which I think is quite original, it kindo gives you the feeling that they will cook your order in that pot; but I doubt that is the case. Interior design is not so very modern let's say, they made it look like inside of a cheese...sounds good, right. But I seriously object to any kind of exaggeration of that sort. Ok we get it, you have a theme! What I don't like about the place is the exterior, you might never guess that it is a chic dining place from the outside. They put a plastic light in the shape of a cheese and written СЫР in blue (?). The entrance also have blue doors. Wtf you might say and I would definitely agree. But in the end it is a hidden treasure food-wise, go and taste some good italian food. (Ah I forgot, there's a piano as well)

I am tired of writing now, I wish you all well with all your future endeavours. I won't keep this long next time.

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