Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I don't need a banana

Since last week we no longer have a garbage container outside our house. A chaihana (it's supposed to mean teahouse but it's a garlic smelly restaurant) claimed our garbage container for themselves and now we no longer can dispose our 60 lt garbage bags. (we somehow produce loads of garbage- I blame it on the cat but who am I kidding, we consume like elephants)

That is unfortunately why I have to use the one inside the building. You know the ones for common usage, on every floor. I try to imagine a worse way of getting rid of garbage, but the only way I can think of is to feed it to rats with your bare hands.

It is not dirty, it is not filthy...it's somethin else! You can feel your nose trying to go back into your skull.

You don't want to touch the air around it, let alone the handle itself.

You need to have two gloves to open the damn thing. And if you're lucky you will squeeze the bag and get rid of it at first try...But if you are unlucky or a fan of hygene let's say; you wouldn't be able to hold still and drop something out of it, then you will curse like you never cursed before.

BUT, there is a plus side to all this....yes there is...Once you close the cover and go home and wash your hands in an obsessive compulsive way, you decide to consume less. A-ha! You postpone having another glass of orange juice. The bottle somehow seems bigger. A banana is not essential for your survival. Why do they make cereal boxes this enormous. I'm gonna eat the oranges with their zest, it should be detoxing, everything is detoxing.

Boy, do I miss my good old, smelly but untouched garbage container.

Damn you chaihana

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