Sunday, November 8, 2009

if you have the time, you can do the crime

a high tone "yellow!" to everyone who knows me

and my sincere greetings to those who somehow found out about this blog. It was meant to be a secret, congrats!

I usually am late for everything. I am the last one to buy a mac computer (as a designer I mean, don't harrass me if you don't own one), I am the last one to hear about twitter (which by the way is not working out for me still. I have 9 followers, it's not even worth writing something) and I possibly am last for doing something that I am not aware of right now. I am, as you can see, the last blogger in town. I doubted that there were some openings for newcomers.

I wanted to share what I think, see and hear, here in moscow, the city of last things (as in "will keep up with the world in 10 years"; not in paul auster sense).

I also will try to give advice for "what to find, where to find and how to deal with who" for strangers in moscow just like myself.

All the activities, including concerts, festivals, special days (aka.any excuse to drink), I will try to share with you guys...

I hope you all enjoy

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  1. Promise I will be a loyal follower:) I have read the whole archive! Ellerine saglik!


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