Wednesday, November 25, 2009

it's time for something biblical

I've been drawing for days and I feel a little spent. How I managed to fail to do something I genuinely liked, I'll never know....But productivity is good. It is!

But I can see how weather can affect us, poor humans, and how it can create mood swings. For those who feel tired relentlessly as I do, I have some advice. 

- read something you postpone and postpone and postpone...just look at the pile of your eagerly bought and carefully ignored books and take something you feel like and leave aside the one that you just cannot finish. You'll get to that later (as if..)

- prepare yourself a little treat...if you are in moscow, that is easy...the land of faux-luxury (fake luxury if you will). You can get some caviar and a champaign for less than 15 bucks. (God bless this city). But if you live somewhere else, find some cheese to go with red wine... (I don' like other alcoholic drinks but you can get vodka, raki or tequila)....I don' know why, but it seems to be the perfect time to get a little wasted.

- get melancholic! ah that's my favorite...put on some old tunes that reminds you of an era far far away...and lay down to listen in peace. (I mean if you don't have a hysterical cat, of course) To get more pleasure out of this, see recommendation no.2.

- wash something that you try to act as if it's not dirty. For example, your wool gloves.

- bake something really easy and eat until you fall asleep.

- watch a film that you love (how bout godfather?)

- no no watch "one night at roxburry's"...where there's sun....

- take a long bath...(ah now I sound like cosmo..) but seriously, it always make me feel purified. 

- listen to "Cold wind"-Arcade Fire

- draw a little fly on your wall. (huh, that's not cosmo)

I will add a muffin recipe soon. You can try that one as well. I would love to have some muffin right now..Damn, I have no eggs...ok, less calories..

That's all folks..

Btw, the title is from Muse "Apocalypse please"...thought you wanted to know..I was listening to that when I started to write.

bye now


  1. i did your 3 advices last week ,drinking wine, a good movie called "mary and max ", is an animation film ,it is really a good one, and a long bath with opera, i made in shower ....temporary happiness :( then i found some writings (M.S.2150-THEA ALEXANDER) about makro philosophy which show the real happiness to people i think day can you tell me about it if you are interested about this subject??..iliiff

  2. duly noted... "mary and max" and "MS. 2150"

    we'll talk more :)

  3. i wrote long sentences but i lost them :( it was obviously about my fatigue and i do not have the energy to write them again.
    Zeynep, the social mariposa


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