Sunday, November 8, 2009

how to buy a pet in moscow

First of all, keep in mind that it is not very easy; not only getting one, but also keeping one.

Our main problem has always been what to do with our cat when we go out of moscow. Luckily we have this sweet friend of ours who also loves our cat, takes care of her when we are out of town. She certainly is in love with him too.

ok, step by step: getting a pet!

If you live a little outside the center you can easily pick up a newborn kitten or puppy old enough to leave his or her mother. But if you live in the center, seeing a street cat or dog is not very easy. And if you don't have a friend with a pregnant pet, you will buy yourself one.

Last year we decided to buy a cat. We went to stari arbat where we saw pets were being sold in cardboard boxes on the street. We were warned earlier by our close friends that the animals you get from the street usually are nourished poorly, being seperated from the mother early to make sure the little ones would attrack more buyers. so when you get one, after a couple of months it will get sick and die eventually.

So we went for pet shops, which was not a realistic option for us since we didn't want to buy a cat for 23.000 rubles (about 800 dollars), but you sure can buy one, if you are interested in pure breeds or show cats.

After a careful research period we took our chances and go to the streetsellers once again. We were undecided until we saw this beautiful light grey fluffy siamese who kept looking at us. The guy had two of them on his wooden box in front of the zoomagazin on stari arbat. We chose that sweet little thing because we wanted a playful cat and since the other one was sleeping constantly, we didn't even consider her. We bargained a little and at the end little kitten was ours for 3000 rubles (about 100 dollars).

We went inside the shop after our illegal purchase to get some legal cat stuff, toilet, food cup etc. While we were discussing with the shop lady which toilet box to get, she asked the expected size of the cat when she grew. We went outside to ask the seller and he showed us a picture of her mother. It was a pile of fur. We then changed our minds to get the sleepy one. She slept in the car on the way home. We were silent for a while. When we got back home, the joke was on us because she jumped right out of her carrying box and started to play with anything on sight as if she was living there for years. She turned out to be the most playful thing ever. She is one of the greatest cats that I've ever seen, she is playful, sweet and easygoing.

The lesson of this story is you need luck!

You also need a good doctor. Ours is very reccomendable: Veterinarniy Tsentr "SOPICO".

The address is 109544, Shkolnaya Ul. Dom 19 Metro Rimskaya.
8(495) 510-21-90

Ksenia is a very sweet and caring doctor, ask for her. She's been very helpful.

That's all for now.

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