Sunday, November 8, 2009

You sometimes walk alone

It's winter time; I know; dark, cold and wet; I know..But still nothing beats going out for a walk with any vague excuse. Warm subway and bright perihods would be little breaks from skin numbing cold and maybe I can get a can of fruity cocktail in a russki fashion while I listen to Amy Winehouse or Coldplay.

I always have an excuse, I sometimes even feel good if some work stays unfinished- which is very often.

Here are some ideas for those who are skeptical about going out for a walk:

You can get to Chistie Prudy and take a quick detour around the park and make a stop on Coffee Bean for hot chocolate and maybe a notorious cheese cake.

And if you want to buy some books in english, you can visit my favorite bookstore "Dom Inostrannoi Knigu" on Kuznetskiy Most Ul. 18/7. After you get a book, say a graphic version of a classic novel, then you should stop by Squat, one of my favorite cafes, on Varsonofevski Pereulok 12/1. Food is not very fulfilling but you can enjoy the tables with different and brilliant paintings on and drink a very inexpensive cocktail (cosmopolitan 120 rub-4 dollars).

And my favorite place in Moscow to walk around is Botanichesky Park on Prospekt Mira. It is of course best to visit on summer or spring with amazing colors and dizzying variety of flowers but still a very quite and relaxing environment around this time of year. A small but very aesthetic pond and a lot of art students painting in silence (less and less every week now).

I will add more walking routes as soon as I can stop my cat playing around the keyboardddd

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